Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Patio Cover Designs: Creating a Personalized Outdoor Living Space

What’s the key to designing the ultimate outdoor living space? Being yourself. Outdoor livings spaces are as unique as those who own them, ranging from bedrooms to bar rooms. By looking a little deeper into yourself, you can create the perfect space to maximize your outdoor living enjoyment.

Common Outdoor Patio Cover Designs
What’s the perfect inside-out twist for your home or lifestyle?
        Outdoor Living Room
Entertain outside all year long with an outdoor living space complete with comfy seating and tables, big-screen TV, fans, fireplace or firepit, and the latest in popular outdoor accessories, creating a welcoming gathering place for friends and family.
Outdoor Bedroom
Yearning to wake up to the birds chirping? Connect with nature with an indoor-outdoor bedroom and ‘glamp’ in your backyard. Don’t want to go full-on bedroom? Incorporate a hammock or futon into your outdoor living or dining space for a more multifunctional design.
     Outdoor Kitchen/Dining
Don’t just haul dining fare out to the grill. Take the entire cooking process outside, kicking it up a notch with an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Add an open-flame barbecue, pizza oven, or an entire kitchenette with ample counter space and seating.
     Outdoor Barroom
Have a glass in style and comfort in your own uniquely-themed outdoor bar space with a built-in fridge, blender, flat-screen, and conversation-inspiring seating, stocking your shelves with your favorite libations.
     Ensuring the Longevity of Your Dream Design
While your personal style may be ‘understated,’ throwing a couch on the lawn or a cheap plastic table and chairs on the porch does not make for an ideal outdoor space. Comfort is a must, as your monetary investment will become nothing more than a picture window without it, and all items able to withstand Denver sun, wind, afternoon showers without falling apart or mildewing. Ensure a lasting design by decking out your deck or patio with…
     Materials that Last
Furnishings and accessories must be engineered to withstand outdoor conditions. Aluminum, PVC, and plastic require minimal maintenance and resist rust. Steel and wrought iron also offer sturdy options, but may require a weatherproof finish to avoid rust. Wood is also sturdy, but will require regular maintenance and preservation. Rattan and wicker likewise require regular weatherproofing. And mildew and stain resistant fabrics are a must: Cushion air vents, solution-dyed acrylics and spun polyesters are ideal.
     Items that are Carefully Constructed
Don’t be remembered for the party where Grandma obliterated the chair or the wine refrigerator went up in a puff of smoke. Look to quality-constructed materials: Leave wobbly furnishings by the wayside for the comfort and safety of guests, and don’t skimp on appliances – those not outdoor-certified are a disaster waiting to happen.
     A Shelter that Can Take What Denver Dishes
Ensure year-long use of your outdoor living space with the shelter of a pergola for trusted rain protection and shade. Built for the harshest environments including heavy snow loads and hurricane-force winds, Arcadia aluminum pergolas offer the ultimate in comfort and flexibility-of-use. Fully-adjustable louvers provide 170-degrees of rotation, allowing you to dial-in just the right amount of sun, shade, or built-in, leak-proof rain protection. Choose from an array of customizable accessories perfectly suited to your space, from lighting and fans, to privacy and pest protection via retractable, motorized screens. Incorporate built-in rain and wind sensors, pairing with iLouver smart-device-driven operation for the ultimate in outdoor protection for all of your accouterments.
Need help designing your outdoor space? We can help you bring any idea to life. See your backyard in a different light with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Outdoor Gear Tips for Cleaning Patio, Pergola Products

When was the last time your patio or pergola got a little cleaning TLC? As with everything else you own, your outdoor living space also needs a little attention from time to time. Keeping things clean makes time spent outdoors a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. And accomplished on a beautiful, breezy day, the experience can be much less of a chore.

How Often Should I Clean Outdoor Furnishings?
Experts recommend cleaning outdoor gear seasonally to keep mildew and insects away, as well as to ensure its longevity.

Keep Things In-Shape with these Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Tips
Whether you’re cleaning things up in preparation for storage – or it’s just been a while – ensure a successful cleaning adventure with these tips for caring for outdoor living products…
Hardwood furniture, decking, and wooden pergola structures typically require annual sanding and the re-application of protective finishes to maintain wood against weather, pests and keep it looking its best. Have a collection of wicker or painted wood furniture? Cleaning with mild oil-based soaps is best.
Commercial multipurpose cleaners are often too harsh for plastic furnishings, discoloring and breaking down resins. A bit of dishwashing detergent in warm water will typically do the trick. For mildew and stuck-on dirt, substitute a small amount of automatic dishwasher detergent or a bit of baking soda, rinsing well to avoid residues.
With glass surfaces, make your first pass with a soft cloth or sponge and a solution of dishwashing detergent. Rinse, then finish with a vinegar or glass cleaning solution applied with a microfiber cloth for a streak-free shine.
The DIY Network offers this advice for cushion and outdoor fabric cleaning: Mix 1-tsp dishwashing detergent, 1-tbps borax and 1-quart warm water. Saturate sponge and apply to cushions. Let sit 15 minutes, then remove with high-force hose nozzle. Keep a bottle of 50/50 diluted vinegar on-hand afterward to spray mesh and plastic surfaces to inhibit mold/mildew growth.
     Unknown Materials
For all those ‘cute’ impulse buys of unknown origin, check tags for material designations and cleaning instructions. When in-doubt, start mild with soap and water solutions, and always test an inconspicuous area before continuing.

Looking for Outdoor Fare that Involves a Little Less Maintenance?
Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas perform double-duty, with 170-degrees of pivoting flexibility to keep you and your outdoor furnishings protected from wear-and-tear suffered by Colorado’s brutal sun, rain and snow. Designed for minimal maintenance, premium Akzo Nobel powder coated finish keeps maintenance minimal. Surfaces will not rot, rust, corrode or house insects.  Whether driven by remote control or iLouver smart-device operation, American-made CE and UL certified motors are maintenance-free for the life of the product, built to withstand the harshest conditions for a hassle-free outdoor experience.

Spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time on chores. Make outdoor living a breeze. Clean up your act with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Outdoor Patio Ideas: Banish Boredom with an Outdoor Theater

Grilling out while family and friends enjoy the pool is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, these activities may not be enough for some guests. Luckily, electronic entertainment is easily – and surprisingly, inexpensively – added to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Patio Ideas for Value-Added Entertainment
Host the big game, a regularly-scheduled family movie night, or simply keep the kids from whining with the help of one of these easily-integrated outdoor theater solutions…
     The 1-2 Punch: Projection Screen + Projector
     Projection Screens
Now you see it… Now you don’t! Inexpensive pop-up screens offer fast and flexible functionality. Look for those specifically designed for outdoor use to reduce molding and discoloration. For a higher-end option retractable screens by Progressive Screens offer shade, wind and privacy projection, and, depending on the color, can also be used as a movie screen.
Though not made to reside outside, portable projectors are easy to tote back and forth, featuring built-in DVD players and can be connected to exterior speakers. Prices and selection for online retailers are shockingly affordable. Just be sure to lean-on well-reviewed products.
     Outdoor TVs
A light drizzle or a simple hose squirt can rapidly ruin a standard TV. Weather-resistant outdoor varieties such as those manufactured by Sunbrite, Peerless, Skyview and Seura can stand up to the rigors of rain and snow. Install with a fully articulating mount to better work around glare and allow for viewing via multiple patio locales. Size matters – anything smaller than 4-inch may be too small to view due to viewer proximity in outdoor living settings – so go big outside your home.
     Added Audio
Though most outdoor TVs boast built-in speakers, external add-ons will sound much better, allowing you to broadcast throughout your entire outdoor living space over crickets, traffic, and your neighbor’s noisy dog. Options abound here as well, from rock-like outdoor speakers to portable Bluetooth speakers and sound bars.

Creature Comforts
Anyone who has watched a flat screen TV is no stranger to eye-straining glare. Thus, your outdoor theater setup will still require some protection from the elements for optimal viewing. To avoid watching through raindrops and squinting against glare, Arcadia aluminum pergolas offer an impressive shelter option, with 170-degrees of pivoting flexibility to fight the negative effects of sunlight and seal out rain from any outdoor entertainment endeavor. Adjust to the perfect louver angle to guard against glare, or add privacy screens or curtains to create the perfect, cinema-like environment.

Banish backyard boredom, bringing the indoors out with comfort and style. Sit back and enjoy the show with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Outdoor Patio Ideas – Stepping-Up the Bar Shed

Bar sheds are all the rage in outdoor patio ideas. But sweating it out in a shack with a beer in-hand may be a bit overrated. Luckily, you can still have your beer – and drink it too – in place with an added shot of style and comfort, turning your outdoor living space into the neighborhood’s new favorite Friday night hot spot.

Raise Your Glass to a Winning Outdoor Bar Design
·         Cheers to Elbow Room
Size is integral to the design of an outdoor bar area. A tiny nook won’t give you enough space to pour drinks and serve friends. Consider how many people you’ll regularly attend, alongside suitable seating. Are space-saving stools best? Or comfy and communal booth-style options? Can you extend seating to the open lawn?
·         Avoiding Location Hangovers
Bars are meant for laughter, conversation and the occasional singalong. Avoiding proximity to children’s rooms and cranky neighbors is key to good bar feng-shui.
·         Happy Hour Power
Unless you’re going to go ice bucket and cooler-style, chances are you’re going to need added electrical to power your mini-fridge, blender, and that coveted outdoor flat screen and speaker setup. Depending on your home, this may need to be trenched in in advance.
·         Preventing Watered-Down Drinks
No matter where your bar is located, you’ll need shelter to get the party started – and keep it going all year long. Arcadia pergolas have you covered. Dial-in the comfort to let the sun shine in on your party, or keep rain out of your rum with this customizable pergola’s unique interlocking, 170-degree adjustable louvered roof design. Motorized, sliding screens keep bugs out of your beer, and convenient, pre-programmable iLouver app-driven operation with optional rain-sensing technology ensure no drunk-dialing.
·         Beer Goggles: Outfitting Your Bar
Décor is key to outdoor bar ambiance. Do you want to go dive bar-style with your license plate collection? Tiki bar with bright Polynesian flair? Classic Irish pub? Sports bar motif complete with flat screen? High-class lounge with outdoor fireplace? Options are nearly as limitless as personalities.
·         BYOB
Adding alcohol, and securely storing it, may turn out to be the most expensive part of your backyard bar. Once word gets out, you may become popular with the neighbors. Safely store and secure spirits via purchased or custom cabinetry. And don’t forget the bottle opener centerpiece.

An amazing backyard bar is worth the investment. After all, as Ben Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Ready to ‘take a shot’ at a more exciting, entertaining outdoor living experience? Stumble your way through with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Arcadia Pergolas Vs Other Pergola Systems

How Do Arcadia Pergolas Stack-Up Against the Competition?
They say imitation is the highest form of flattery – and Arcadia aluminum louvered pergolas are no exception. Impersonators are coming out of the woodwork, increasing in number year-after-year as the Arcadia line continues to shine. What do competitors have to offer, and how do Arcadia pergolas stack-up against the competition?  Turns out, it’s no-contest.

Looking for Flexibility?
Arcadia remains the only louvered pergola model providing 170-degrees of pivot flexibility, providing not only shelter from the rain, but allowing you to dial-in just the right amount of light, no matter the direction of the sun. Ranging from 100 to 145-degrees of rotation, the flexibility of copycats doesn’t even come close.

Looking for Durability?
Only the Arcadia features a strong, totally extruded aluminum composition, enhanced with powder coating from the world’s leading power coat manufacturer, AkzoNobel, for added protection against the elements. Capable of holding up to salty seaside environments, chlorine, sun, and rain, this specially formulated coating not only protects the pergola from oxidation and corrosion, it also reflects solar radiation, reducing heat buildup in and around your outdoor living space.

Looking for Ease-of-Use?
The Arcadia is the sole provider of high-tech, mobile-device-driven pergola operation as well as remote control, solar-powered, and manual options. It is also the only pergola provider offering weather-responsive operation via optional wind and rain motor control sensors. Open and close remotely, by time, or pre-set positions, or automatically managing rain and wind in your absence. Exceptionally quiet, our American-made CE and UL certified motors are maintenance-free and built to stand-up to the harshest outdoor environments.

Looking for Protection?
Specifically engineered to withstand hurricane force winds, support heavy snow loads, and masterfully handle rain, the interlocking louvers of the Arcadia offer the ultimate in precipitation protection. More rain tight than competitors, it is the first pergola to develop and integrate a multi-zone-compatible gutter system, incorporating the frame in creating a pass-through gutter system. Perfectly pitched, the construction of the Arcadia enhances water flow from the louvers to the gutters, preventing back-ups and seepage between slats - an area where our competitors, quite plainly, fail. Just one of the reasons the Arcadia is the outdoor shelter of choice for restaurants, hotels, resorts and country clubs where patron comfort is integral to a bustling business.

Looking for Customizability?
Arcadia is available in custom colors, including faux wood wrap. Add corbel ends or faux columns for style; fans, recessed lighting, and motorized screens for functionality; or curtains for privacy. It can be installed attached or detached, in an amazing number of variations and sizes, and is even lightweight enough for rooftop and balcony additions.

Looking for a Show-Stopper?
There just aren’t words to describe our Arcadia Slide system…

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Aluminum Patio Covers Offer Unparalleled Advantages

Aluminum Patio Covers Offer Unparalleled Advantages
The outdoor season has arrived, both at home and commercially. And whether you’re grilling poolside or serving an influx of customers al fresco, aluminum patio covers can help you get a little more out of the great outdoors without being at the mercy of the elements. Colorado weather dishes up a little bit of everything in Denver. Sudden wind gusts. Cloudburst rains. And there’s nothing quite like the brilliant (and brutal) Colorado sun. Don’t you wish you had a patio shelter solution that let you experience all the wonderful facets of the area’s weather – yet saved you from its less-than-pleasant effects?

Not Your Granny’s Patio Umbrella
For decades old-fashioned patio umbrellas, flimsy awnings, and high-maintenance wooden pergolas have been the only outdoor cover options available. But today, aluminum pergolas are stealing the show, with features that make them seem like something you wouldn’t expect to find commercially available until well in the future…

More Bang for the Buck
Rather than the all or nothing solutions the outdoor shelters of the past presented, today’s aluminum pergolas have incorporated amazing new louvered roof technology, offering full adjustability through almost 180-degrees of louver travel to offer the flexibility of sun, shade, and everything in-between. Freestanding or fastened, built-in gutter systems and interlocking louvers provide rain and snow protection. Easy to adjust, small actuator motors quickly react to remote control or smart-device-driven operation, allowing for everything from shelter to ventilation and sky-views on-command – or automatically, with optional rain-sensing technology and custom ‘smart’ programming options.

One Less Thing on Your ‘Honey-Do’ List
Constructed of high-quality aluminum, customizable facades are nearly maintenance-free, with options to compliment your existing architectural them, from clean, neutral styles, to wooden facades and decorative columns. Impervious to environmental degradation, surfaces will not rot, fade, tear, or house insects, and safely and easily meet the (heat-resistance and ventilation) needs of grills, fireplaces, firepits, and patio heaters, as well as provide the perfect anchoring system for motorized screens for privacy and pest control.

Don’t Fall for Imitations
Leave the old-school patio shelter solutions in the past - and watch out for imitators. Competing products require a great deal of maintenance to keep intact, aren’t easy-care products engineered to withstand hurricane force winds, and don’t offer the adjustability and convenience options Arcadia Systems provide. Worse, they pigeonhole you into a full shade, full sun, or partial shade solutions that will later rob you of outdoor enjoyment as weather and seasons change. Get what you need – when you need it – with a patio shelter solution that responds on-demand. 

Looking for more usable square footage? You’ve found it! Add the space you need to entertain your family or patrons quickly and easily. Contact Denver Pergola Systems today.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

8 Cool 2017 Backyard Patio Ideas for Hot Summer Weather

Backyard Patio Ideas: What’s ‘In’ for the Outside in 2017
With the 2017 backyard patio season well underway and temperatures rising, you may have found yourself taking a long hard look at your outdoor living décor. (Just how old is that sun-bleached patio table set?) Chances are, it’s time for an update of your outdoor space.

What’s Hot & What’s Not in Summer 2017?
Say good-bye to cold, modern concrete, wrought iron, and faux wood plastics. This year’s groovy styles are anything but boring – and far from stuffy... 

1.       Natural Materials
Natural wood furnishings such as teak tabletops offer a rural, rustic feel, withstanding the test of time to weather beautifully to grey over the years. Prefer more color? Look to bright, vintage-style mosaic dining and accent tables in natural stone, ceramic, and glass.
2.       Retro Seating
Retro-style furniture such as natural woven rattan and 70s-inspired wicker are making a comeback indoors and out – but with a fresh, new take: Non-traditional colors that pair well with darker, more traditional outdoor furniture hues.
3.       A Cool Feel
Nautically-inspired coastal blues and ivories paired with soft, yet durable woven outdoor textiles from cushions to throws and rugs look great when paired with budget-friendly, low-maintenance, self-contained water features such as portable fountains and urns. 
4.       Splashy Patterns
Fun, splashy patterned pillows, blankets and rugs are a great way to bring the indoors out – and easily swapped out as trends change.
5.       Urban Edibles
Landscape design that doubles as dinner is huge, from incorporating veggie gardens and fruit trees to cute, backyard chicken ‘condos’ and family-friendly beekeeping solutions.
6.       Barbecue Courtyards
Instead of an outdoor living space opened to only one room (or two), eco friendly ‘barbecue courtyards’ nix the need for major regrading, replacing the conventional backyard with a multi-functional family space open to every room of the home.
7.       Sustainable Design
Over-the-top, showy landscapes are out. Design that is built to last, low maintenance, and green – from drought-tolerant container gardens and ground cover to long-lived, low maintenance shade structures that keep chemicals and maintenance chores at bay - have become the new norm in outdoor design for economic and environmental reasons.
8.       Seamless Transitions
The number one trend this year by far is seamless transition from the home to outdoor spaces. New outdoor fabrics in soft, waterproof, fade-resistant acrylics make this possible, from rugs to cushions, blankets and throw pillows, with the anchor of this seamless transition being versatile shelter.

An Open and Shut Case
Customizable, unbelievably durable, and nearly maintenance-free, Arcadia adjustable louvered pergola systems allow you to fully enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer, providing sun, shade, or shelter to meet your family’s changing needs – and Denver’s rapidly changing weather conditions - with a simple adjustment. Dial-in just the right amount exposure, including full rain protection, with up to 180 degrees of fine-tuning at your fingertips via electric, remote control, or smart-device-driven operation.

Open up to a world of new outdoor living possibilities. Learn more about our windproof, HOA-friendly patio shelter designs. Contact Denver Pergola Systems today.