Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Outdoor Living Area Designs: 6 Ways to Extend the Outdoor Living Season through the Winter

For outdoor lovers dreading the cold, properly planned outdoor living area designs can help you extend the season. With the right design elements and features, comfortable outdoor living in the colder weather is possible – sans the extra sweater.
6 Ways to Cozy Up to the Fall & Winter Outdoor Living Season:
1.       Kick up the heat.
From the permanent to the portable, warm things up with built-in or portable gas or electric fireplaces and fire pits. Want to ward-off heat loss? Overhead infrared heaters emit radiant heat, (think of the sun’s rays), providing highly efficient warmth. A single 1500-watt heater utilizes only around 30-cents/hour in electricity!
2.       Shed a little light on things.
When the clocks ‘fall back’ you’ll need additional lighting for your outdoor space. Create the right look with built-in, multi-temperature friendly LEDs, considering dimmable options for added flexibility. For detached structures, don’t forget solar path lighting and spotlights to help light the way.
3.       Let the sunshine in (and keep the snow out).
With a covered patio, you’re much more likely to stay outside when temperatures drop. And with the 170-degree rotational flexibility of Arcadia adjustable pergolas, you can take advantage of every weather facet. Close louvers to contain warmth and snuff out snow and rain - or open them on fair weather days to bask in the sun’s warmth.
4.       Screen for trouble.
Motorized, retractable screens and curtains let you enjoy the view or contain the warmth, depending on the weather. Block the breeze and gain added privacy and pest protection, or let the light shine in with the click of a button with the latest in ‘smart’ operation and weather sensing technology.
5.       Up the coziness factor.
Skip cold metal and plastic furniture for upholstered options, bringing indoor comforts outdoors with pillows and throw blankets. Add rugs over cold concrete and decking to keep toes toasty.
6.       Don’t give up on watersports.
Hot tubs offer year-round relaxation – but feel especially good when temperatures drop.

Don’t give up on outdoor entertaining just because the days are growing cooler. Create an outdoor living space that’s functional year-round with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Covered Patio Designs: Extend the Outdoor Dining Season Well Into the Fall

Weather is cooling off. Will your customers be shoving off to warmer venues? With the latest in covered patio designs from Denver Pergola Systems, you can extend your business well into the winter, hanging on to your loyal customer base and boosting revenue beyond the typical outdoor season.

Comfy & Dry – Adjustable Pergola Technology
Protect patrons from Denver’s rain, snow or blinding afternoon sun with the latest in adjustable pergola technology. With a full 170-degrees of rotation and remote control or smart-device-driven operation, seal out the rain and snow with the touch of a button, take shelter from the afternoon sun, or indulge in its warmth and light in the morning and afternoon hours. Arcadia adjustable pergolas and awnings provide the ultimate in outdoor comfort, allowing your business and patrons to take prime advantage of outdoor space, no matter the weather.

Warm & Cozy – Patio Heaters
Add needed warmth with infrared patio heating technology. Creating radiant heat like the sun’s rays, infrared heating solutions give warmth to the objects surrounding them, rather than releasing heat into the air. Preventing heat from escaping into the atmosphere, infrared heaters provide the ultimate in patron comfort and energy efficient warmth. A single, 1500-watt heater costs only 30-cents an hour to operate, an expense that is quickly and easily recouped with a single sale. Infrared heaters blend seamlessly into your aluminum pergola structure, mounting conveniently overhead.

Unmatched Ambiance - Fireplaces and Fire Pits
Among today’s most requested outdoor features, the cozy warmth and beautiful flames of outdoor fireplaces and gas fire pits offer an inviting atmosphere and additional warmth. Such creature comforts are easily added with the Arcadia pergola. The pergola’s fully extruded aluminum construction nixes fire safety issues, and ventilation of particulates is a breeze whether louvers are opened or closed.

Private & Protected – Motorized Screens
Provide privacy and protection with motorized pergola screens from industry pioneer Progressive Screens. Motorized screens quickly create a quiet, relaxing patron environment, free of flying pests and the glare of the sun, as well as better control the thermal environment of your outdoor area. Available in a variety of standard and custom screen colors, the smooth, consistent movement of these stylish, innovative screens ensures secure protection with every use. Operate from anywhere in your business via remote or smart-device, or add optional weather responsive sensor tech for the ultimate in convenience.

Getting ready to close-up for the season? Step outside the box – and let your customers in. Make the most of your outdoor space with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Awkward Layout? Custom Patio Covers Can Create Usable Space

Trying to fit a standard size patio cover into a space with a unique or irregular layout often creates more problems than it solves. As the awkward fit of off-the-shelf shelters snowball into installation, design and décor complications, you may find yourself wanting to employ the use of your hammer and saw for more… destructive endeavors. For many, standard sizes just don’t work. Custom patio covers are necessary for successful, visually and functionally integrated results.

If It Can Be Done, It Will Be
With Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas, no installation is impossible, from narrow decks to massive patio spaces and even balcony and rooftop installations. Whether you need weather protection for a walkway, or added seating for your restaurant, all kits are custom made to your design needs and specifications. Simply provide us with your design, or explain your current conundrum and setting, and let our experience professionals design the perfect custom shelter for your space.

Forget Forcing One-Size-Fits-Most Solutions

Nix cookie-cutter fare in favor of a solution unique to your outdoor living space or branding needs…
     Customized Looks
Choose from standard or custom colors, including faux wood wrap, adding columns or corbel ends for seamless transition into your existing space.
     Personalized Features
Add your choice of lighting, ceiling fans, patio heaters, outdoor television and stereo equipment, motorized screens and curtains, and more, creating the ideal environment for family or customer comfort.
     Specialized Operation
Dial-in your comfort level. Let the sun shine in or seal the rain out with the Arcadia’s unique design, featuring 170-degrees of pivoting flexibility and leak-proof rain and gutter protection. Choose from manual, remote control, or iLouver app-driven operation with added technology for on-the-fly, pre-programmed, or weather-driven response.
     A Lifetime of Use
Built with the unparalleled quality all Arcadia systems provide, including fully-extruded, low-maintenance aluminum construction; hurricane-proof design; pest-proof, rot-proof, and heat-reflective Akzo Nobel powder coating; and 360-degree built-in gutter system, our customized pergola systems are built-to-last, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Experience a new era in patio design. Contact Denver Pergola Systems today.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Transitioning your Patio Decor Season to Season

Fall for Autumn: Seasonally Inspired Patio Decor
Embrace the best of each season with likewise transitioning patio décor. As summer’s warmth fades to the crisp coolness of fall, add fun and festivity, outfitting your outdoor living space with the rich colors, textures, and aromas of the season….

Trade-Out Splashy Spring & Summer Colors for More Rustic Hues
Pack away beachy blues and summer brights in favor of hues that echo brilliant fall foliage in warm oranges, soft reds, and browns.

Add Light and Warmth
With a crackling outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or patio warmer, and the cozy glow of scented candles in aromas of apple pie, pumpkin, and vanilla. 

Up the Coziness Factor
Ditch water-friendly poolside lounges in favor of soft, inviting seating that imbues warmth.  Keep blankets handy for snuggling up outdoors on chilly nights, tossing cozy and colorful fall throws amongst furniture.

Trade Summer Décor for Fall Flare
Swap beachy summer welcome mats for those with fallen leaves, pumpkins or richly textured, natural options like cork and burlap.

Replace Annuals with Hardy Fall Blooms

Trade-out bright impatiens and petunias for hardy fall mums housed in rustic wood and metal containers. Create added visual interest with low-maintenance ornamental grasses, adding a touch of country flare with bales of hay and dried corn stalks.

Think with Your Stomach
Seasonal produce such as pumpkins, gourds, and apples make for a fabulous fall display that’s easy to transition from October to November.

Keep Things Warm and Dry
Ensure the year-round functionality of your outdoor living space with versatile, flexible patio cover. Enjoy the best the season has to offer, basking in the warmth of the fall sun, or seeking shelter from wet, blustery weather with the unique, 170-degree rotational flexibility and interlocking design of your Arcadia aluminum pergola. 

Create a patio that’s worthy not just of this season – but every season. Contact Denver Pergolas Systems to learn more today.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Weather’s Cooling, But the Sun’s Still Scorching – Protect Yourself with Patio Sun Shades

Summer is fading and the fall is on its way. Unfortunately, given the cooler, more inviting outdoor temperatures, many forego the protection of patio sun shades and sunblock. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, however, last far beyond those days of fun in the summer sun.

There’s More to a Sunburn than Heat
UVB rays, which provide heat, do indeed weaken in the fall and winter as the earth spins away from the sun. However UVA rays reach the earth with any visible light, and are present 365 days a year. This often leads to necessary sun protection going overlooked when temperatures drop.

Many Factors Affect Your Exposure to UV Rays…
     Time of Day
UV is greatest when the sun is high in the sky, between 10am and 4pm.
Monitoring the UV index though your local weather channel can help you track exposure levels during prime outdoor seasons.
UV is strongest at the equator, growing weaker toward the poles.
The cleaner, thinner air found at higher altitudes increases UV exposure.
The thinner skin of children and the elderly is more at-risk than the skin of an adult.
     Exposure Time
Obviously, the longer you are out in the sun, the more UV rays you’ll encounter.

Protect Yourself & Enjoy Your Time Outdoors
Awareness of prime exposure times, conditions, and locales is key. But while sunscreen and protective gear are a great precaution, UV can penetrate most fabrics, from cotton shirts to inexpensive patio umbrellas and canopies. The only surefire way to prevent sun overexposure is with reliable shade – and not all shade is created equally.

The Ultimate in Weather Protection
Shade is relevant to the angle of the sun, making the size and orientation of sun shelter key. A feature which the fully-customizable Arcadia pergola provides in spades, given its 170-degrees of louver adjustability. Whether you’re enjoying a bit of Mother Nature’s free vitamin D via fully open louvers, or seeking shelter from the sun or rain, the Arcadia’s easy, on-demand adjustability provides just the protection you need. Optional motorized screens and curtains offer additional weather protection and privacy, for a fully-customized outdoor experience that’s second-to-none.

Don’t fear the power of the sun – harness it – beating the winter blues while still maintaining comfort and safety. Open the door to a better outdoor living experience. Contact Denver Pergola Systems today.   

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Outdoor Pergolas: See the Possibilities

Stuck in a rut? Outdoor pergolas offer far more than shelter for a meager patio table and chair set. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to achieve your dream outdoor living space design.

Open Up to the Possibilities…
     Fire in the Sky
Easily add a second story or rooftop deck to your home or business with a lightweight and versatile Arcadia aluminum pergola. An unmatched solution for any airborne endeavor, create prime square footage above existing space, topped off with the flare of an outdoor gas or electric fireplace for stunning looks and added warmth.
     Earthy Outdoor Room
Blend into the mountains or surroundings with a green, earthy brown, or faux wood wrapped adjustable pergola, creating a ‘Zen’ space and relaxing in Mother Nature in comfort and style. Go green with natural fabrics and plant life, or mix things up with more modern additions like an outdoor flat screen and fully-equipped bar or kitchenette. 
     Peaceful & Private
Block out the neighbors’ view or provide patrons privacy and added noise and sunlight protection with the addition of motorized screens and curtains. Further the secluded feel with strategically selected and placed plants and shrubbery.
     Redefine Lounging Poolside
Add a comfy swing or convertible couch, colorful slings, or top-of-the-line lounging fare, indulging in a post-swim read. Partition off areas, adding an outdoor shower and defining space with tall plants in raised containers, or gain added privacy with motorized screens and curtains.
     Rooftop Kitchen with a View
Add outdoor dining and bar space, turning unused rooftop square footage into profit. Pick your motif, creating sophisticated vibe with an added fireplace and decorative lighting, or more fun fare, surrounding the space in outdoor televisions, ping pong tables, and other game day fare.
Separate larger areas with planters and seasonal flowers, or more fully define the space with motorized screens and curtains for privacy and party rental space.
     Pergola Pizza Parlor
Add a wood-fired pizza oven surrounded by bar-style seating, and you’re in-business.
     Share the Sandbox
From a fun place for the kids to entertain themselves, to a unique poolside or restaurant bar-side retreat, adjustable aluminum pergolas can be added anywhere, floor to ceiling, sand to cement.

What’s your outdoor living dream? Achieve it with the latest in outdoor pergola technology. Let your imagination run wild, realizing your dream design with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Adjustable Louvered Pergola - What Is That?

You love enjoying prime times in the Denver seasons; rolling back your car’s sunroof, convertible top, or windows to take in the surroundings as you travel throughout town. But you’re probably missing out on this enjoyment in your own backyard. This sort of versatility is precisely what an adjustable louvered pergola provides.
Making your outdoor space more enjoyable, adjustable pergolas are a unique new way to manage the outdoor elements, allowing you to transform your backyard alongside daily weather and seasonal fluctuations. Rather than limiting you to a fixed open or shut roof position as traditional wooden pergolas, patio awnings, and fixed roofs, Arcadia pergolas offer a full 170 degrees of rotational adjustability, allowing you to dial-in comfort based on the sun’s position and your rain shelter needs.

Love rolling back the sunroof? The Arcadia Slide offers similar functionality in your outdoor space. Slide open to enjoy unobstructed sky views, or slide shut and take shelter from sun and rain, taking advantage of its fully adjustable louvered design with your family or friends.

High Performance
Installed attached to your home or freestanding, compatible with ground, decking, balcony, or rooftop installations, each Arcadia louvered pergola is custom-constructed to reflect your needs and your home’s personality. Custom accessories abound ranging from ceiling fans and lighting to corbel ends, columns, and fully motorized screens and curtains. Select from a rainbow of colors, including faux wood wrap, for the perfect complement to any space. Choose from remote control operation, or mobile-device-driven iLouver app, adjusting your pergola from anywhere based on time and pre-set positions, or with added sensor technology for pre-programmed, weather-driven response.
More than a ‘Fair Weather’ Accessory
Engineered to withstand heavy snow loads and hurricane force winds, the strong, but lightweight fully extruded aluminum construction of the Arcadia is built to last, and covered in heat reflective, premium Akzo Nobel powder coating for a nearly maintenance-free exterior. Patented, interlocking louver design provides leak-free shelter, disposing of water via the 360-degree built-in/integrated gutter system. Just one of the many reasons restaurants, country clubs, resorts, theme parks, and sports venues rely on the Arcadia for customer comfort and steady revenue.
Looking to supercharge your outdoor space? Create an outdoor living area you’ll enjoy throughout the year, and for many years to come. Uncover new options with Denver Pergola Systems today.

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